tisdag 17 juni 2014

En annan syn på Barcelona - Divided Barcelona

Titta på den här videon, en annan syn på Barcelona som turiststad. Mycket intressant.
Jag har skrivit lite funderingar på engelska...

 I found this interesting video on internet. Barcelona has turned into a theme park for tourists according to Catalans. I can agree somehow, even though I don't know how life was in Barcelona 30 years ago. I avoid la Rambla and everything close to it cause it's so crowded and most of the shops and restaurants are bad (read crap). If I really have to cross it I almost close my eyes and feel sorry about the old couple sitting in the restaurant waiting for their paella to arrive. I know they will have a horrible experience.

Thats why I have this blog people! To show you my experience and give you advices. I came to Barcelona 2011 and have been to all the touristic places already but quite soon I got to know locals and they brought me to genuine Catalan restaurants, bars and neighbourhoods. The introduced me to a new lifestyle.

I live in the old part of the city but just at the border, close to Arc de Truimf. Tourists walk on my street 24/7 but out of 10 people, only 2 are tourists. Compare that with la Rambla where 8 out of 10 are tourists. I have great restaurants around the corner, beautiful buildings, shops and cozy squares. This is where I want to take you!

Anyway, In my opinion, Catalans tend to dislike everything that is not Catalan. Not everyone of course but the majority. There is this big debate going on in Cataluna, Catalans want to liberate themselves from Spain and become an independent state.

I remember when I moved in to my current flat. I went up the stairwells and our neighbour walked by without greeting. He almost didn't look at me. Next day, my boyfriend told me that he met the same neighbour and they started to chat for a while, actually they had a great talk. I thought it sounded weird but my boyfriend thought the neighbour acted like that cause I look like a tourist. I don't look spanish but my boyfriend. I felt akward and a bit shoked, could that be the truth?

After all, tourism makes Barcelona alive. Tourism is good for Barcelona's economy and tourism made Barcelona rich. That is an argument for why Cataluna wants to become an independent state, their economy will improve if they stop charing with the whole country. Kind of egoistic in my opinion. There are of course many other arguements to list but not now, It's not my point to argue about politics. I just wanted to share my thoughts about the splitted Barcelona and the locals thoughts.

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